10 Things you may not know about me

I know it’s cliche but how else are you going to get to know someone. I was never one to do these chain mail Facebook post so I put it in a blog. Internet fodder for the masses, this is a list of cool stuff I have done, places I have visited, or people I have met that have enriched my life.

1. I went great white shark diving off the coast of South Africa

I will let the video speak for itself.

2. The kind of jobs I have had

The first job I had was as a kid stacking boxes of paper for my aunt who owned a small print shop. From there I have worked in the restaurant industry, the school system, retail, and managing a small business That was all before I was 22, I spent 10 years in the Navy where I was a computer tech for the Weapons Systems, Community Relations Coordinator, and a prison guard. Since then I have been working in the local film industry.

3. I have a brother in jail

I have been visiting my brother in jail since he was 15 and I will for the rest of his life. He and so many others who have been duped by the criminal justice system are part of the reason I am getting into politics. I have written many research papers on the criminal justice system using his case as reference and I wrote a full screen play about what happened.

4. Art will always be an expression and a passion of mine.

Since a young adult I have been in love with art in all its forms. Musically I sing, I can play around on a few instruments, but I have always been a choir girl. I was part of the Navy’s Gospel Choir in Chicago and I sing in the HPU chorale. I make movies too, that is later though, I recently started painting.

5. I grew up poor

I was the poorest kid in school. My mother was a single trying to take care of three kids as a waitress. I come from what some call generational poverty, my grandmother had to do it on her own too and she had 5 kids. There were times we didn’t have, I believe those times made me wiser and stronger.

6. I have traveled the world

There is a saying in the Navy, “I traveled the world and I swept it.” The Navy was my ticket out of generational poverty and out to sea. I have visited over 20 countries and years out to sea on a war ship, I have crossed the equator four times and cruised on every ocean. I do yarn to travel more but since the virus I suppose that is on hold.

7. I prefer cats to dogs.

I like dogs too, I just don’t want one for myself.

8. It’s about the details with me.

I have ADD and OCD, which means things that are out of place or wrong get my attention until fixed. I think it gives me an edge but not a super power. I can turn it off when necessary and appropriate.

9. I was bullied as a kid.

When you combine the contents of this article’s number 3, 5, and 8 on a kid it is easy to see how getting picked on also makes the list. Long story short, puberty was good to me. I realized it was ok to defend myself and I did. I changed schools and was popular. I grew in confidence and I believe that the empathy from that experience adds to my leadership.

10. I am an award winning filmmaker.

This is important now, I wrote it and filmed it last year before the


Here is the film:


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